Whole Grain Baking for Housewives and Hobby-Bakers

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First English Edition 2004 of Dr. Schnitzer's classic German Whole Grain Baking book.

Bread is much more than bread. For thousands of years it has been the symbol of food, physical and spiritual power, and life-force. Bread is made from cereal grains, which have allowed mankind to develop to a world population of billions. Seeds like cereal grains are "living preserves", which can be cultivated, harvested, and stored in huge amounts. By an intelligent storage management, this doesn't only allow to bridge over the cold, fruitless winter season, but even years of crop failure, thus avoiding starvation, preventing decimation of the population because of hunger. Another advantage of cereal grains is their rich and well balanced contents of all vital substances, energy and biological information, needed to develop new life, growth, regeneration, replacement and rejuvenation of cells, organs and tissues. So long as mankind was using this source of life, the populations were healthy, able to reproduce in healthy, beautiful and intelligent offspring from generation to generation. The "modern" civilizations have lost this knowledge - a main reason why chronic diseases and degeneration could develop. This book brings back the precious knowledge, including every detail of the practical Know How.

In 1963, Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer started an information campaign about healthy nutrition in Moenchweiler (a village in the Black Forest, Germany), cooperating with the major and the municipal council, to prevent tooth decay in the young generation, which already started in babies of 18 months at that time. (No surprise: Immediately Dr. Schnitzer was persecuted by lobbies living upon tooth decay, who tried to stop this campaign). To make healthy bread and pastry available in the village, Dr. Schnitzer asked the bakers there, to grind cereal grains freshly on an old mill with milling stones, and to produce whole grain breads and rolls with it. "That's impossible", the bakers' responded. From such flour, they said, nothing regular could be produced. Dr. Schnitzer didn't give up. He started his own milling and baking experiments. As first results, he could develop a tasty wheat-rye whole grain bread, and simple whole grain rolls. Two bakeries of the village started to produce them, and the population welcomed them. The fresh whole grain breads and rolls met with increasing approval, even outside the village. Many people traveled twice per week up to 100 km, to provide themselves with these tasty bakery products. Also, a growing interest of customers and bakers developed, to learn baking such healthy breads and pastry. In further experiments, Dr. Schnitzer developed a complete program of whole grain recipes. In 33 weekend seminars, he trained over 1000 people, professional bakers, housewives, hobby-bakers and interested scientists - who in each case enjoyed together with great appetite to try and eat the freshly baked products. Soon, the growing demand surpassed the capacity of weekend seminars. In a first step, Dr. Schnitzer developed the training on to a correspondence course, in which thousand of people participated from 1974 to 1978. In a second step, he wrote the first edition of this book in German: "Backen mit Vollkorn" (Whole Grain Baking"). In 1984, Dr. Schnitzer sold the enterprise, which had developed from his innovations and inventions. Soon after, the new owners preferred to go their own ways; They changed all recipes for the bakers, so not a single one remained an original recipe of the author, and they let this book run out of print. Frequently asked by readers of his books, in 2001 Dr. Schnitzer reviewed this book, worked it over completely, and republished it. In 2004 he translated it into English. In this book, equal importance is attached to the highest possible health value, excellent taste, and attractive appearance of the breads and pastry. All the knowledge and practical Know How is imparted to the reader in 10 lessons, which are easy to understand and entertainingly to read. The variety of 14 basic recipes allows diversity for the daily needs as well as for special events and feasts. "Only God knows, how the next war will end, and what's inside the bread", says an old Chinese proverb. From now on, at least the latter you will be able to know, if baking your own healthy and tasty bread. From the viability (germinability = ability to germinate) of the cereal grains up to the fresh, healthy and tasty bread and pastry on your table, everything will be under your own control.


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