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Advice offers

Unfortunately, it has become common practice that people want to receive all services - and especially on the Internet - completely free of charge.

Although I have answered the answers to most of the questions that have been brought up to me in my books and have also described healing options for many diseases of civilization, I am literally flooded with written email inquiries about the problems of my fellow human beings - and therefore often no longer get to my actual work .

So far I have tried to help every questioner in detail and with a lot of information.

But I also have to live on more than air and love and have time to do my research.

Therefore, I ask for your understanding that in the future I will only be able to offer my help for a small fee if people do not want to read my books.
The expense allowance for such answers is comparatively cheap and does not cover my actual time required for the answer - but does help to separate the wheat from the chaff - i.e. the people who are worth their health and health and who feel it is just for A help received also to pay a trolleybus from the people who walk through the world with their elbows open and think that everyone else must be at their service anytime and anywhere for free.

Unfortunately, unpaid forms can not be processed.

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer