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Here you find our books in the modern eBook format

Our eBooks are made available in the PDF format (Portable Document Format). Other formats are planned, but not yet realized.

Most pocket readers are able to work with PDF (see their manual). PDF eBooks also can be read on any computer or laptop. It only needs a PDF reader program like Adobe-Reader, Foxit-Reader etc.

About the copy protection of our eBooks

Each copy of our eBooks has a so called ‚soft’ copy protection. In contrary to the ‚hard’ copy protection, the ‚soft’ one permits you to install your eBook on all your computers, laptops and pocket readers without needing additional registrations. So you can use your eBook with similar rights as your printed books.

The author’s Copyright of eBooks is, similar to other digital media, endangered by illegal transfer, exchange on the Internet etc. That’s why we have to protect our eBooks from Copyright infringement.

Therefore – on each page of an ordered eBook – the name of the buyer, the order number and the date of the order are decently visible inscribed. In addition, these data are invisibly inscribed.

Should then a copy of an eBook appear on a file-sharing network or other Internet platforms, we easily could find out who illegally has passed his purchased copy to others. It’s in your own interest to use your eBook only by yourself in the permitted ways. Because nobody knows, when giving his eBook to a friend, if this eBook with his name in it will be given on and on, and finally even appear on the Internet. By giving your purchased copy on to others, you could risk therefore prosecution because of copyright infringement.

We are sure you will appreciate the comfortable use and – too in your own interest – respect the Copyright.