Natural Cure of Obesity by Health

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The natural way to normalize you and your children's weight by re-establishing natural health.

Your appetite is right whenever not being satisfied - because not finding what you really need in the food you get! Therefore, all these diets must fail, reducing this or that, calories or fat, or whatever else in your food, because they only increase the deficiency of vital substances in your nutrition. Your appetite works like a gold miner who's "vital substance" is gold. He needs to find a certain minimum quantity of gold per day, to run his business successfully. If the sand he's sifting for gold is rich in gold, it's sufficient to sift e.g. some hundred kilograms of sand to reach this daily minimum. But if the sand is poor in gold, he needs to sift several tons per day to reach this minimum production. Your body needs daily minima of several vital substances. If your food is denaturated and non-man-appropriate (as the today's "normal" food), it's poor in some of the needed vital substances. Therefore, your appetite can't be satisfied, and forces the body to eat and process a much bigger quantity of food - including too much protein and "empty calories", which aren't needed and therefore stored as fat and a huge, water-retaining protein sponge.

What your appetite needs to be satisfied, is a type of nutrition which contains all vital substances your body needs in a natural balance. This only can be found in a natural, man-appropriate nutrition, for which man still genetically is programmed. Using the cultivated food crops man has developed from his originally wild food (seeds, roots, soft leaves, fruits, nuts etc.), a "Civilized Origin Nutrition" is described in this booklet. This type of a natural nutrition normalizes the complete metabolism of the human organism, and therefore restores health and normalizes the body's weight.

Health and body weight issues of children already should be considered before planning a pregnancy! Therefore, this aspect and its consequences are also explained in this booklet, and preparations of healthy natural pregnancy and baby-food are described. In a "nutshell" this booklet contains the knowledge of former historic civilizations, who knew how to maintain a healthy, intelligent population with beautiful, well proportioned bodies, healthy and beautiful teeth, and able to reproduce themselves in healthy and beautiful offspring from generation to generation.


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