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That's how to enjoy healthy nutrition! The recipes are well organized in this book. Breakfast, lunch and dinner each have one double-page, and this for all 14 days. On the left side, you will find the description of all ingredients, their quantities, and the calories calculations. On the right side is the large photo with the decorative, appetizing arrangement of the meal. On both sides, the upper part shows the Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition. The lower part contains additional garnishings, which make the meal one of Schnitzer Normal Nutrition. The recipes are inspiring with incentives and ideas. At any time one component can be replaced by another of the same type (e.g. wheat by spelt, garden lettuce by iceberg lettuce, apple by pear) - depending on what the market of the season offers, and what your appetite wishes. This nutrition is much more than a certain diet. It's the practical consequence, after it came out that man still is genetically programmed for the human origin nutrition. That's why digestion and metabolism work at their best with a "civilized origin nutrition", composed of cultivated food crops, which man has developed from his originally wild food plants, when starting agriculture.

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