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Can Diabetes be Cured?


Diagnosis „diabetic“ up to now = „lifelong“


Patients are lulled into a false sense of security


Diabetes: Numerous risks for life and limb


Disease as a „chance“ – for economic growth? Large scale production


Spare aggregates and transplantation instead of cure?


Was discovery of healing possibility unwanted?


Censorship in medical periodicals blocks healing chances


„Targeted disinformation“ to obstruct a therapy


Preserve diabetics as customers?


History of medicine with blots


Experience curing efficacy yourself


Efficacy of the new therapy (tangible results)


How the new curing therapy was discovered: Dental health as entry


Still we are programmed for our origin nutrition


Dramatic case led to a discovery: Diabetes is curable!


Starting point for a systematical development


Remarks, 20 years later –  Refusal to aid?




How diseases develop


Homotoxins as causes of diseases


Biological courses of diseases


Chronic diseases by unbiological interventions


Focal diseases hinder therapeutical success


Diseases by lack of health basics




Lack of Health Basics (Health Preconditions) as Causes of Diseases


Environment's strongest impact: Nutrition


Main cause of chronic mass diseases: Hitherto spread nutrition dogma!


The effects of refined carbohydrates


The protein-error and its consequences


Heat-processed food noxious to health




What is Health


What is health?


Where diseases cease, health is just beginning


Best strategy against diseases: High degree of health




Preconditions of Natural Health


The three keystones of natural health


Why one-sided analytic nutrition research must fail


Exploring the origin nutrition of man


Man – a fruit eater (frugivore)!


Protein supply healthier without animal protein


Civilized Origin Nutrition = Intensive Nutrition


Large spectrum of efficacy of the „Intensive Nutrition“




The Blood Sugar Regulation System


The blood sugar level = the „voltage“ of the body's energy supply


Resources of energy in the food


Consumers of energy in the body


Buffer store between energy supply and consumption


Endocrine glands as „voltage regulators“




Overstrain of the Blood Sugar Regulation System


Unwholesome consumption of refined carbohydrates




Causes of Juvenile (Insulin-Deficiency)-Diabetes (Type I)


Does a hereditary predisposition exist?


Juvenile diabetes – a degeneration phase


Main cause of juvenile diabetes: Unbiological medical treatments!


Focal diseases often stand in the way of a curing therapy




Causes of Diabetes of Adults (Type II)


Does a family disposition exist?


Synergetic mechanism causes diabetes type II


Which are the effects of sulphonyl urea pills?


Sulphonyl urea, unbiological retoxic effects in case of an infection


Diabetes type I and type II often misdiagnosed!




Causes of the „Later Consequences“ of both Types of Diabetes 


Production of insulin- and B-cell- antibodies


Main cause of „later consequences“: The common diabetic diet!


When haze in the eyes forbodes loss of eyesight


eyeground bleedings


High blood pressure, heart attack and embolism


Loss of legs by diabetic gangrene


Renal dysfunction and insufficiency


Hepatic cirrhosis and fatty liver


Degeneration of nerves, pain condition, loss of sensation


Fading and loss of sexual potency


Destruction of the chewing organ by parodontosis


Degeneration of the bony tissues


„Incurability“ of diabetes consequences


caused by the diabetic diet?




Chances of Success in Cases of Type II, I and later Consequences


Goals and chances of success of measures


New, not yet treated diabetes of adults (type II)


Diabetes type II, under treatment with sulfonyl urea


„Juvenile diabetes“ (diabetes type I)


Bleedings in the eyeground


Hypertension (high blood pressure)


Kidney failure


Malfunction of the liver


The risk of heart attack


Degeneration of nerves, pains, loss of sensation


The male potency


Decay of dentition




The reasons for the good chances of success




Therapeutic Measures to Cure Diabetes


Basic therapy with „Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition“


Why Intensive Nutrition makes calculation of bread units obsolete


Nutrition after success has stabilized


If digestibility problems appear: Cereal soup diet


Sanitation treatment of chronic intestinal diseases


To overcome a chronic pancreatitis


Hematogenic oxidation therapy (HOT)


Homeopathy and antihomotoxic therapy


The cellular therapy of Dr. Niehans


Therapy with human stem cells


Sanitation treatment of the dentition


How to avoid the impact of poisons


Sufficient physical activities


Reduction of the blood sugar lowering medication




How to put this Natural Therapy into Effect as a Diabetic


Preparing the change of nutrition


Agreement and coordination with your physician


If you are already in the hospital –  the day of takeoff


If soon you will feel so well that you become reckless


„Copy it – but copy it precisely!“.




Experiences with the New Diabetes Curing Therapy


Report about a medical seminar in November 1979


Two serious cases of diabetes with gangrene


Report about successful treatment of a heavy diabetic gangrene


Physician's own diabetes case report


Practical experiences with the new therapy 


A case of very serious Type I, cured with two pages of information


Karl Ettwein made the discovery possible by a courageous decision


„This is how I overcame my diabetic disease!“




Recipes: Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Cereal soup diet ... 


Kitchen untensils needed


What should be in stock


To buy fresh


Some extra hints concerning healthy food preparations


How to handle the following recipes




Cereal-Soup-Diet for the beginning


Cereal soup, completely boiled (1)


Cereal soup with an unheated, raw part (2)


Cereal soup with a raw part of cereals, garden lettuce and carrots (3)


Cereal soup with raw part of cereals, chicory, carrots, germinated seeds (4)


More soups with raw part of cereals, fresh vegetables, germinated seeds




Cereal muesli variations for breakfast


Basic mixture of the cereal muesli


Further preparation of the cereal muesli in variations




Lunch and dinner


Composition of lunch and dinner


Gazpacho, Spanish „salad-soup“




Natural nutrition – example for one day


The breakfast –  Lunch –  Dinner –  Important: Sufficient Water Supply





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