Terms and Conditions


1. General
The following general terms and conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other services. Deviating rules of the contracting party we contradict herewith expressively. All additional agreements require written confirmation from our side.

2. Date of conclusion of contract:

By your click on the button „Send“ you declare a binding order of what’s contained in the shopping basket. The confirmation of having received your order follows instantly after you have sent your order. The contract gets signed by our confirmation of delivery or the delivery itself.

3. Access to the text of the contract:
The text of the contract is stored. At any time you have access to the general terms and conditions by Click on „Terms and Conditions“ in our bookshop. Your individual order data aren’t accessible via Internet because of security reasons. Without your explicit consent to these terms and conditions you can’t send an order in our bookshop.

4. No Sending back E-Books:

Since the consistence of individuell crated items isn't reversable and to avoid fraud activity, we could'nt allow or accept back sendings of this items. This because our EBooks are specially made for each buyer and shows his name in the PDF.

5. Guarantee:

Guarantee is granted according to the law. In case of faults we replace the faulty book. If the replacement also is faulty, you can return the book for full repayment, or keep it for an agreed reduced payment.

6. Delivery and payment:

The minimum order value is € 10.- (incl. evtl. MwSt)

All prices in this bookshop include the legal reduced German sales tax for books (7 %). For deliveries within the EU, this MwSt is shown on the bill. For deliveries outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland), the MwSt shown on the order form isn’t deductible. Bills in Non-EU-countries therefore are issued without shown MwSt.

Germany: Delivery via Postal Services. Shipping costs charged. Payment by debit order (procedure of collection), by prepayment, or by one of the payment services offered in our order procedure; in € (Euro).

Switzerland: Delivery via Postal Services. Shipping costs charged. Order by prepayment in the currency € (Euro), or by one of the payment services offered in our order procedure in the currency € (Euro).

World: Payments are accepted exclusively by PayPal.
The delivery and payment conditions of „Azeb Schnitzer – Book Delivery and Edition“ also are shown on the order form.

Special ways of delivery ordered by the customer are charged additionally based on valid transport fee lists.


7. Time of delivery

The expected time of delivery please see at the product description. If there’s nothing mentioned, the order is processed on workdays within 48 hours. On wish of the consumer, longer delivery times can be agreed.

We have the right to do partial deliveries. Additional delivery costs are only charged if agreed.

What’s in store, gets delivered immediately. Should a book be out of print (see also book reviews), you will be informed.


8. Property rights

Until fully paid, the delivered books remain property of the enterprise „Azeb Schnitzer – Book Delivery and Edition“.

9. Data security declaration:

We use your data only to process your order. All data of our customers are stored according to the German law of data protection BDSG and TDDSG. You have the right of information, correction, blocking or deletion of your stored data. Please write to our address below.


Your data including your address and e-mail address aren’t given to others except on your expressive and revokable permission.

Excepted are those service partners which are necessary to process your order. In these cases, the data will be limited to the minimum needed for the process, we ourselves included:

  • Our shipping department will get the delivery papers with the delivery address.
  • Your credit card data will go directly and SSL-encrypted by our shop software to the credit card processing enterprise. We get only the payment confirmation from there.
  • If you chose one of the online payment enterprises, you need to be registered there and have an account there, on which your bank and credit card data are deposited. Again, from there we get only the confirmation of your payment.
  • If you prefer payment by debit order (procedure of collection), our bank gets only your account data, the amount and the purpose, which will be visible on your account printout.


Our Newsletter:


Your name and e-mail-address, which you give to inscribe in our mailing list, will not be given to anybody else. They are only needed for the personal delivery of the news to you.


Your Web-Browser:


In this bookshop, your customer data are – only if you wish it – stored on a cookie, so that you can call them up when visiting us again. In your browser program you can manage the cookies of this bookshop and, if you wish, too block or delete them.


10. Legal domicile

Place of performance and legal domicile for both parts is the seat of "Azeb Schnitzer - Buchauslieferung und Verlag" (Azeb Schnitzer book delivery and edition), if the customer is businessman. For consumers according §13 BGB it’s the court of competent iurisdiction at the domicile of the consumer. Exclusively valid is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).


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