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In 1977, the author was asked for advice in a dramatic case of diabetes. A 69 years old man, already for 6 weeks in a hospital because of diabetes, developed a diabetic gangrene in his leg. The doctors urgently recommended an amputation within 24 hours, saying otherwise he would be dead from sepsis within 48 hours. But the patient opposed, ordered to take him home, and sent his daughter to ask Dr. Schnitzer, who was known for the good results of his nutritional recommendations, for advice. In fact, the new diet improved the blood circulation in his leg within a few days, no more amputation was needed, and within some weeks the gangrene had healed up, with fresh healthy skin covering the former wound. Finally, to everybody's surprise, some months later the diabetic disease itself had disappeared. That's how Dr. Schnitzer discovered the curability of this disease. Also he has found the main cause of "incurability" of diabetes: It's the common diabetic diet itself! The usual diet's high content of protein makes the disease incurable, and again it's the high protein content, which causes the so called "later consequences" or "later sequelae" of both types of diabetes (II and I).


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