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Hypertension is the risk factor No. 1 for the main cause of death: The cardiovascular diseases. Every other citizen in the USA, Canada, Europe and other countries dies from one of them: Heart attack, stroke, embolism, renal atrophy, and many other cardiovascular ailments. Therefore, it's also your personal risk factor No. 1. That's a good reason to take care of it. Most people think it to be the task of responsible institutions, e.g. the Health Ministry, the modern medicine, the personal physician, to take care of our health and to protect us from such fatal events. But something must be wrong: every other citizen (50 % of the population), and even 60 % of the physicians (who should protect us from this fate) die from cardiovascular diseases. This doesn't conjure up much confidence in the usual therapies. The pilots' physicians know it: A hypertonic pilot remains grounded, in spite of taking hypertension pills and showing a "normal" blood pressure under medication - because the risk of a sudden fatal cardiovascular event remains the same! The usual medication of hypertension pills doesn't cure, because it only treats the symptoms, not the causes.

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